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Fanfiction...What can I say it rules my life.

Welcome to My Place and to my addictions, hopefully it will become yours as well.

These are a collection of Manips/Vids/Audio Stories/folder Icons that I have created and I’ve help create over the last few years. There are links to my favourite fic sites and favourite stories and Authors.

  If you have not realised by now that this is a site dedicated to women who love women. If this is not your cup of tea or this offends you, then move on my friend. There is nothing for you here.

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P.s I don't own anything to do with these wonderful women blah de blah etc etc.... so on and so forth

anyway you get the point.....

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Updated 25th May 2015

I will be spending the next few days updating. Webs has changed its builder which has made everything not sit

on the screen just right.

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You know I didn’t know if I would enjoy a POLYAMORY fanfic.I’ve read some J/7/T fics but they have not really done much for me.


However Bluebear’s “The Lady and Her Dragons” is just bloody brilliant.


Miranda / Andy /Cruella just works. Reading Bluebear fics are like reading poetry. Everything flows and her words inspire so much emotion. So let’s hope her muse decides to stick around for a long while and I will do my best to inspire back.

I  created a little promo to go with it




Summary: Inclement weather and a case of the flu result in big changes and big revelations.

Andrea Sachs finds out her universe is more magical and larger than she ever thought and some things are not what they seem.




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